Stay Active With IConnect™ Active By Timex

Through the years luxury wristwatches that beam with class and subtlety have been worn to make a statement.

But somehow, the current generation seems to take a break from the rules of hierarchy. In the modern age, the purpose of wearing a watch is no longer only to tell time but also to tell calories, steps covered, distanced measured via walking and so much more—Yes! We are talking about Smart watches here.

As early as 1530, the pocket watches were adorned with engravings and precious gemstones and became an accessory that no aristocrat could do without. From the period onwards, a man’s watch became a sign of his taste.

And if you look closely, the same thing stands true to date, especially when we are in the midst of a deadly pandemic; but in an extremely different way.

The human race might be becoming technologically fertile but it also bears the responsibility of taking health aspects into consideration for the obvious reasons. Thank God! We have gems like iConnect™ Active by Timex,  a smartwatch available online to save us from the ravages of very own lazy lifestyle.

But what actually goes into the making of a dependable smart watch? What makes it truly what it stands for?

If we dig deep into history, it was an American soldier that came up with an idea of a pocket to check the time while buried deep in a trench that led to the birth of the ‘trench watches ‘or more commonly known as wristwatch. In fact, it was Timex, which was the first company to mass-produce pocket watches in those tested times and still continues to do so by mixing technology with impeccable design.

Made for people who firmly believe in keeping their bodies in shape, iConnect™ Active by Timex comes with LCD touch screen and a display panel that can make and receive calls, get you to access your social media accounts and have an in-built speaker that enhances the audio experience. Available in a variety of color options, these watches come with advanced features to help you lead an active lifestyle.

If you think that a smartwatch is just another fashion accessory to amp-up your looks then we ask you to stop, think and ponder once again! The real meaning of iConnect™ Active by Timex has to a great extent reached beyond the availability of a mobile phone. It is more synonymous with what we can call “Health Luxury” that most people are looking for these days.

We believe that people should have a watch that speaks to them and that’s what iConnect™ Active by Timex does. Because a watch is just not a time machine to be flaunted but it is a sign of a powerful stature. Just imagine a horology masterpiece that tracks your sleep, heart rate, other health issues and come ingrained with the technology that can suggest you how to make your lifestyle more aligned. Isn’t it truly a luxury to have!

Check the iConnect™ Active by Timex prices online and you will realize that you are getting some really huge benefits at such meager rates.

So, in the end, we just ask you to do away with any other accessory you wish, but never leave home without a watch that tracks your lifestyle along with time. In fact, you can sleep with your watch on, eat with your watch on and leave an impact on others with your watch on. Hence, watch on, for watches are there to make you watch a little more often than you should- not just your wrist but also your health in the process.

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