Exclusive Italian Men’s Suits

An Italian suit is distinctive from an American or British suit in several ways. There are generally shorter and more tightly fitting. Also, the shoulders are usually padded while the buttons and the lapel are at a higher position as compared to the British or American suits. The pockets have flapless and the jackets have a pronounced V-shaped. The cut is very slim with a sleek and modern silhouette making them very trendy. Usually, the Italian suit is made of a lighter cloth. A very good modern example of an Italian suit is the Vero Uomo Italian Men’s Suit.

Some of the best Italian suit brands are;

Ermenegildo Zegna

This designer is generally considered the leader in this field and makes expertly crafted suits using the best fabrics available. The suits are made of classic colors and very sophisticated. The wool for this brand is grown in Australia and there is a hands-on approach by the designer from the original raw material to the finished product. Despite its being highly-priced it provides one with best suits on the market.


This suit is seen as the ultimate in men’s tailoring as they exude true luxury. It was established in Rome in 1945, it is named after a section close to the coast of Croatia. They are available both in ready to wear styles that are exquisitely cut or items that can be entirely customized for an individual. Thousands of man-hours are put into each suit and therefore set a standard for high fashion in men’s suit wear.

Stefano Ricci

The founder was born in Florence which is reputable as a leading place for art and culture. With this in mind, the suits have the same appeal. Each suit bears Italian elegance and it a work of art and is suitable for individuals who want to gain that elegance derived from high fashion. Each suit is handmade individually and the stripes are made to matched with all the seams even the ones that are on the inside. The buttons on each coat are made of horn and the buttonholes are also hand-stitched.

Giorgio Armani

He is seen as the most prolific designer in terms of tailoring. He remolded the suit in the 1970s. The suits are made from a cassimere wool blend and they are made up of jackets that are cropped and narrowed suit trousers. This provides an individual with a good torso to leg ratio which is especially helpful where a person has a long upper body and short legs. It also gives one an elegant V-shape figure. Modern suit designs that have an Armani influence are suits with a clean line and have a woolen fabric with a technical finish giving the suit a classic look and a slight sheen.


Gucci suits are known for their bold colors or distinctive print. They are also known for having unique details and bright embroidery. They come with a blend of style and eccentricity this brand is the world’s largest selling and their master of tailoring known for being diverse and extravagant. However, they also have traditional designs if need be that is sleek.

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