Tips For A Trendy Wedding In 2023

If you are extremely fashion-conscious, it might be important to you to have as trendy a wedding as possible. As such, if you want your wedding to be Instagram-ready, here are some of the top tips that you can follow for a modern and trendy wedding in 2023.

Choose an Outdoor Venue

Rather than be stuck inside for the duration of your wedding, you should think about choosing an outdoor venue for it. An outdoor venue can ensure that your guests are able to enjoy some fresh air and can provide a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony and your photographs. An outdoor venue can be particularly perfect if you are going to get married in the spring or summer months, and if you are passionate about nature. If you are interested in an outdoor venue, you should look around for outdoor wedding venues in your area or beyond. You might think of traveling farther to find a venue if you live in an area with an unpredictable climate or that is not surrounded by too much nature. This will help you to get the right outdoor wedding venue for you.

Check the Fashions

Wedding fashion changes regularly. Instead of purchasing your dress or outfit years in advance, you should instead check the current trends to see what types of silhouettes are currently in fashion. By doing this closer to your wedding date, you will be ensuring that your dress does not go out of date by the time your wedding day comes around. To check the current fashions, you should look through wedding magazines, use online guides and inspiration, look at wedding-related social media accounts, and consider attending wedding fairs. It is important that you can find a fashion that suits you as well as one that is currently on-trend, though, so you should try on a few before you make your final decision.

Host a Sustainable Wedding

More and more people are also now trying to make their weddings sustainable, and this can also make your guests incredibly happy. To have a sustainable wedding, you should consider thrifting your wedding dress. You should also consider going paperless, offering foods that do not damage the environment, and speaking to your venue about their environmental policy. You should also use all-natural materials in terms of your d├ęcor, use a lot of greenery and flowers, and make sure that your outfits are made out of sustainable materials. This will then ensure that your big day does not end up contributing to long-term damage to the environment.

Consider Alternative Entertainment

Rather than simply having a disco, you should look at alternative options when it comes to your wedding entertainment. For instance, you might consider playing games or sports, including clay pigeon shooting, having live drawing, or even cocktail-making classes. These activities can keep your guests entertained, especially if none of your guests are too interested in dancing. This can then allow everyone to enjoy your wedding, whatever their interests are.

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