8 Tips on Getting Rid of Your Used Clothing

Have you recently looked through your wardrobe and realized that you have some clothes that you haven’t worn in years and may need to donate or get rid of? It’s completely normal for us to outgrow clothing for a number of reasons. We are always shopping for new clothes, and our bodies can also change frequently, which means that some of the clothing in our closets may no longer fit or match our lifestyle. Both of these factors can play a big role in leaving us with a bunch of clothes that no longer serve us and just crowd our wardrobe.

Whether you are trying to make room for a new wardrobe as you shop for plus size clothing or you are just hoping to declutter your space, it’s a good idea to regularly go through your clothing and donate what you don’t wear. Once you have a pile of clothing that you want to get rid of, it can be challenging and frustrating to find out how to dispose of or donate your clothing. But, today, we are not only going to show you how to get rid of your old clothing but also how to ad.

How to Know When to Get Rid of Clothes

If you’re unsure of whether or not you should get rid of the clothes sitting in your closet, these may be some signs that it’s time to take inventory and organize:

Your Clothes Don’t Fit – When you are getting dressed and you realize that a lot of your clothing isn’t fitting the way it used to, it may be time to get rid of old clothing and fill your closet with newer pieces like cute plus size tops.

The Closet Is Overflowing – If you find that your closet and dresser drawers are always overflowing and feel unorganized, this could mean it’s time to get rid of some clothing. An unorganized closet can lead to frustration when it comes to getting dressed every day.

You Don’t Have Room to Add Clothing – If you are buying new clothes but don’t have a place to put them, you may need to go through your clothes and recycle, donate and get rid of the older styles.

Ways to Get Rid of Your Clothes

If your closet is overflowing and you have an abundance of clothes that you aren’t sure what to do with, luckily there are many ways to free up some space and get rid of your clothes. Here are some of the ways we like to recycle, donate and get rid of old clothing so you can adopt minimalist clothing as a lifestyle and give yourself more peace of mind:

1. Donate Your Clothing

There are plenty of clothing donation opportunities that you can find locally. All it takes is a quick Google search to help you identify a local donation bin or a service that will come pick up clothing donations from your house. There are also many opportunities to donate to a good cause like Dress for Success, the Salvation Army or Animal Shelters. These organizations use your clothing to empower others or provide resources to sheltered animals.

2. Resell Quality Clothing

If you have a bunch of clothes that you are getting rid of that still have tags and are wearable, you can probably sell them. Selling clothing can be a great way to turn that extra clutter in your closet into cash. With platforms like Poshmark, ThredUp and Facebook marketplace, there are many opportunities for you to post about the clothing you want to sell. This will require some extra work, as you may have to package items, sell them and send them to the buyer.

3. Consign Clothing Locally

You can also take your clothes to a local consignment shop if you’re not interested in selling your clothes online. Consignment and secondhand shops can be picky about which clothes they accept, so make sure to do your research before stopping by.

4. Take Clothing to a Thrift Store

If you aren’t ecstatic about weeding through your old clothes to determine which ones are worth reselling and which aren’t, you can take all of your clothes to your local thrift store for a quick drop-off.

5. Find Ways to Repurpose Clothing

There are many things you can do with recycled clothing. For example, you could turn a sweater into a plant holder or jeans into a tote bag. There are many ways to repurpose your clothing if you want to keep it in some shape or form.

6. Recycle Your Old Clothes

You can always recycle your clothes at local recycling centers. Clothes can be recycled and turned into valuable things such as carpet padding, rubberized playground materials and materials for the automotive industry. By recycling your clothes, you’re making a smart choice and helping out other industries by providing your resources.

7. Pass Your Clothes Down

Is there someone in your family or friend circle who could use the clothes you are getting rid of? If so, put together a box of your clothing for them.

8. Dont Throw Your Clothes into the Trash

While it may be tempting to throw old clothes that are causing clutter into the trash can, we advise against this. Throwing clothes away causes environmental damage, as many clothes, which aren’t biodegradable, are placed into landfills and can wreak havoc on our environment.

Getting rid of old clothing and finding a place for clothes you no longer wear can be a stressful and difficult task, but we hope this guide and article has made it a little easier for you. There are many options when it comes to giving your clothing a second life, and we hope you found an option that works best for your lifestyle and goals. You can always adopt a routine of going through your wardrobe regularly so that you aren’t left with piles of clothing to donate at the end of the year.

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