How To Have A Delightful Engagement Photo Session

Congratulations, you are just got engaged,  The next step is planning your wedding. Expect to get busy for the next couple of months. You will have to find the right suppliers who will help with your wedding preparations. When finding wedding photographers, food and refreshment services, or event coordinators, make sure to screen your suppliers carefully to avoid hassles and delays.

You also need to look for a wedding ring made from lab diamonds or whatever design and style you want. Before the wedding festivities, a lot of couples hire photographers for an engagement shoot. This is an excellent opportunity to take photos that will surely be unforgettable.

Planning for an engagement shoot

Most couples look forward to an engagement photo-shoot. This is the chance for them to unleash their creative juice in terms of planning for their photo shoot concept. An engagement photo-shoot is not just a simple picture-taking session. This is a once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot that is simply a manifestation of love for each other.

As mentioned, an engagement shoot is also an opportunity to be creative and show off your personality as a couple. You can wear fancy clothes and visit spectacular locations for the photo shoot. Aside from hiring a  professional photographer, you can just let loose, be yourself, and enjoy the moment with your soon-to-be-spouse.

Never make these mistakes

When looking for a photographer, make sure to check his or her portfolio and list of past clientele. He or she should also be open to suggestions and last-minute client requests. At the same time, the photographer should be able to provide sound advice to make the shoot better and more spectacular.

On the contrary, you should also be careful not to commit these engagement shoot mistakes. The last thing you want to happen is to get photos that are unworthy of showing off to your friends and family.

  1. Coming up with a theme that is not “you”

It is essential to choose a theme that speaks about both of you as a couple. Do you love the outdoors? You can try an outdoor-themed shoot, complete with a camping and bonfire setup. Or perhaps you like to spend time chilling in your home? You can come up with an indoor shoot in your pajaamas while watching Netflix and eating some delivery pizza. This will surely make the photo shoot more fun, comfortable, and natural.

  1. Too many “change outfits”

Changing clothes during the shoot can eat up a lot of time. To avoid this, you can opt for a one-outfit shoot, or perhaps you can change into another one later on. Make your photo shoot as straightforward as possible.

  1. Being too serious

It can be a good idea to plan your poses and all. However, it might not look natural. The main objective of such engagement shoots is to capture the love and passion between the couple. It might look awkward to see photos that seem staged. It is an excellent idea to let your photographer capture your candid moments. This will make the entire shoot look more natural and fun.

These are only some things you need to remember when having an engagement photo shoot. It’s not all about finding a spectacular location or wearing fancy outfits. It’s all about capturing your best moments – ones that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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