3 Must-Have Summer Dresses for Every Fashionista

Now that we’ve passed Memorial weekend it’s safe to say that the weather is about to get a whole lot warmer. Time to say goodbye to those layering pieces and say hello to shorter, more flowy essentials to keep us cool throughout the hot summer sun particularly summer dresses and skirts. This is the season where both women and girls can live in their favorite dresses all season long.

Whether you’re in search of new summer wardrobe essentials or cleaning out your closet to see what styles are back in season, we’ve got the top must-have dresses of summer 2021 so be sure to add more than a few of these in your favourite colours and patterns because we’re sure you’ll be living in these all summer long.

Puff sleeves

Dresses with puff sleeves are all the rave this summer. From gingham to floral print, you won’t want to miss playing around with this flair. Whether it’s a long puffy sleeve on a mini dress or a short puff sleeve on a midi-length dress, you’ll absolutely love the way they bring out your silhouette.

With their growing popularity, it shouldn’t be hard to find a good variety to match your style. If you’re in search for the perfect puff sleeve dress this summer, try browsing a few Trendy boutique dresses at Poppywells since they have a big selection in different cuts and styles to match your comfort level and taste. If you’re not used to puff sleeves, it may feel a little out of your comfort zone but once you try it, we promise you’ll be hooked.


The “naked dress” known for the cutout details will be hard to miss this year. From a larger open-back risque look to smaller, more subtle detailed cutouts at the neckline or sides, every woman is looking forward to adding a few of these cutout pieces to her summer closet.

Knitted dresses with teardrop holes at the neckline or a slash at the shoulder make it comfortable and suitable to wear anywhere your summer adventure takes you. To make it even more fashionable, try wearing jewelry such as a necklace underneath the cutout for a peekaboo effect that draws the eye in more. As a warning, you’ll get a lot of stares from admiration in one of these.

Mommy and me

If you’ve got yourself a little one, take advantage of the mommy and me trend while she still enjoys twinning with you. There will come a time when she’ll be all grown up and the last thing she’ll want to do is be matchy-matchy with her mama. There are so many cute dresses for girls at Presley Couture that even when they don’t carry women’s sizes, the styles are easy to match.

Take the opportunity to dress up with her whether it’s a Disney princess-themed summer birthday party or a trip to Disney World during summer vacation — make the most of every opportunity to take pictures in your matching ensembles.

For non-themed moments, there are several mommy and me shops popping up online and all over Instagram that carry outfits for both mama and girls to match to the T.

The best part about dresses is that it takes minimal effort to put together unlike a full outfit that requires bottoms, tops, and a few layer pieces. Don’t forget to stock up on your favourite sandals and fashionable tennis shoes to rock with your summer dresses, you’re going to need a good selection if you plan on wearing these fashionable dresses all summer long.

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