Top Three Permanent Makeup Services

Permanent makeup comes from tattooing your face, which may seem drastic when you can simply buy make-up and apply it yourself. However, the freedom of waking up with a fresh face and not having to layer on products can not be underestimated. Women already have a million things on their minds every day.

If you decide that skipping makeup sometimes would make your days measurably easier, then you have options. Before you consider permanent solutions, it is important to talk to your dermatologist. Certain types of skin get better results. If you are going to spend the time and money on this technique, then be sure you’ll be able to achieve your desired results.


Microblading uses an extremely thin tattoo pen to draw individual hairs onto your brow region. This gives a fuller, darker look to thinning brows. Microblading is the most popular type of permanent make-up due to the number of women who struggle with their eyebrows. Traditional pencils and gels can look blotchy and wipe off easily. By tattooing individual hairs, you get a more realistic look. This is an art. Therefore, it is important to check your artist’s prior work. The best microblading Long Island NY artists will have a portfolio for their customers to browse.

Microblading uses semi-permanent ink. The color will fade over time like a real tattoo. Treatments will need to be redone every 12 to 18 months, depending on how much you are willing to let it fade.

Lip Brushing

Lip brushing does not give you the solid coverage that a good lipstick will. Instead, it gives a shade or a tint to your lips. It’s nice to change your lipstick depending on the shade of clothing you are wearing, so lip brushing still gives you that ability. Brushing simply mirrors your natural pigment and then darkens it a pinch. Think of it more like a natural tinted gloss.

This process can be a bit more intense than other treatments. Lips are sensitive, so tattooing can be painful. Lip skin also does not absorb pigment as easily as other areas, so multiple trips may be needed. After you get the desired look, then lip brushing will last about a year.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is great for those who have thin eyelashes and can’t leave the house without mascara on. The tattoo can be applied in, or on top of the eyelid. This will give you the appearance of fuller lashes. The nice thing about permanent eyeliner is its flexibility. You can apply liquid eyeliner on top of the tattoo whenever you want a different look. The semi-permanent tattoo ink will last about one year.

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