8 Staples Every Busy Mom Needs

Moms that are always on the go have to rely on functional fashion and skincare. Thankfully, there’s a way to be stylish and practical at the same time. Keep reading for a list of 9 staples that every busy mom needs in their life.

1. A Pair of Boyfriend Jeans

Compared to skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans are comfy jeans that typically fit looser. They also tend to sit higher up on the waist. These jeans are perfect for a casual outing or if you need to complete a messy DIY project at home. For moms on the go, these are the ideal jeans for any task that comes your way.


2. Quick Slip-on Sneakers

Moms continuously need to jolt out the door. Whether you’re picking your kid up from school, running last-minute errands, or stopping at the post office, you’re going to need slip on sneakers. You can put these on quickly and get to where you need faster. After all, sneakers are back in style, and the slip-on shoe is no exception.


3. Full-Coverage Concealer

Being a mom means that sometimes you don’t get enough sleep. A full-coverage concealer will help you look brand-new and refreshed as you go about your day. Quality, hypoallergenic cover-up concealers are a great way to brighten up your eyes when you’re feeling tired and need to look your best. Shop for your shade at drugstores or a beauty store near you.


4. A Jean Jacket

When you need to throw something on that feels cozy but put together, a jean jacket is your best bet. Pick a designer brand that sells quality clothing, so you receive a denim jacket that’ll last for years to come.


5. Eat Out

If you cook often and eat in with your family, try going out for a change! Just getting out of the house can be incredibly refreshing sometimes. Whether you go out with friends, or bring your fam with you, eating out can be a refreshing way to reset give yourself a night off from cooking.


6. Quality Dry Shampoo

Getting your kids ready for school and handling daily responsibilities can often mean that you have no time to shower or take care of your hair. When your hair needs some love before a long day, quality dry shampoo is the solution. Just spritz a bit on your scalp and hair, rub it around, and you’ll look like you just had a nice shower.

7. Meet a Friend for Brunch

There’s nothing better for the soul than having a great conversation with a good friend. Get together with a friend and meet up for coffee, lunch, or brunch! Would rather stay in? Invite a friend over for a cup of tea! Yes, it takes energy and effort to reach out sometimes. But it’s SO worth it!


8.Yoga Pants

Being a mom means going with the flow. It’s much easier to do so when you’re comfortable. We love yoga pants for their durable fabrics and flexibility. There are tons of different colors and patterns to choose from, so finding the best fit for you is easy.

Busy moms need lifestyle staples to help keep them on their toes. This list includes the essentials and provides everything you need to be a supermom while being comfortable and fashionable.


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