Tips For Buying Cocktail Dresses As Per Your Body Type

If you are new to cocktail dresses, there are chances you might be unaware of what cocktail dresses are. Well, to start with, cocktail dresses are worn for both formal and semi-formal occasions, including weddings. So, if you wish to buy some cocktail dresses for your cocktail parties, don’t worry. We have got you covered, as you can find all the details here.

How Can You Choose The Perfect Cocktail Dress?

When it comes to buying a perfect cocktail dress, the goal should be to find one that aligns with your body type. Ideally, body type means the dress must create an ideal symmetry or balance between bust, booty line, waist, and hips.

·         Pear Shape

If you have a pear shape body, then it means that your upper body is relatively smaller than your lower body. It means you have thick legs and wide hips, and a small bust. For this body type, you should buy a dress that highlights your collarbones and slender shoulders. Some of the appealing styles include strapless or sleeveless dresses. It is mainly because this pattern highlights your upper body and gives you a perfect elegant look. To look classy, you can go for A-line cocktail dresses that indeed hide your hip areas.

·         Rectangular Shape

You indeed have a rectangular body type if you have a slender body type that includes a tiny bust, thin thighs, and a small bust. It means you don’t have any curves on your body. For this body type, you can go for dresses that help you create illusionary curves. The dresses indeed include peplum. You can also choose empire waist dresses that add volume to your lean body. You need to know that belts can also be used to define your waist correctly. If you like skirts, you can also try bandage dresses.

·         Hourglass Shape

It is one of the most common feminine shapes. The body type tends to have a bust that balances hips equally. If you have an hourglass shape, you need to choose a dress that allows you to flaunt your curves in no time. You can create a striking look by choosing bandage dresses. Additionally, strapless dresses can also work perfectly for this body type as they indeed emphasize the body in perfect proportions.

·         Inverted Triangle Shape

Under an inverted triangle shape, you are likely to have a huge bust and a little bust. You should consider adding volume to the hip area for this body type and keep the attention away from the upper body. The aim should be to show off your toned legs. A line or flowing skirts do wonders for this body type. Above all, you have plenty of choices available when it comes to buying party dresses.

Lastly, no matter your body type, you need to follow some style tips to flaunt the perfect party look. It would be best to consider wearing heels instead of flats as heels give you a good height so you can make the most of your party dress.

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