5 Things Brides Need To Consider When Choosing Their Wedding Day Shoes

So, you have a wedding coming up, and if you are the bride, you will already (hopefully) have a dress in mind.

However, when it comes to the wedding day, there is a key piece of bridal attire that is often overlooked, which can have a tremendous impact on the day; the shoes!

Choosing the perfect pair of wedding shoes is an important part of the bride’s wedding day ensemble. The right shoes can complement the bride’s dress, enhance her overall look, and add a touch of glamour to her special day. Or, if the wrong pair is chosen, they can increase the chance of falling over, may make the dress look odd, and can make a classy dress look tacky. Not great!

So, when you are choosing your wedding day shoes, what are some of the things that you need to consider?


OK, ladies, starting with the obvious!

Wedding days are long, and brides need to be on their feet for extended periods. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a comfortable pair of shoes that will not cause any discomfort or pain. Brides should look for shoes with cushioned insoles, good arch support, and a comfortable heel height.

If possible, avoid extreme heels, and if you want to wear heeled shoes, practice walking in them first. A great way to test the comfort level of the shoes is to wear them around the house for a few hours before the big day, which is an easy and risk-free way to find your perfect pair of wedding shoes.


The style of the shoes is another essential factor to consider. Brides should choose shoes that complement their wedding dress and overall style. For instance, if the dress is traditional, classic pumps or strappy sandals would be an excellent choice. On the other hand, if the dress is more modern, a pair of embellished sneakers or boots would be a better option.

Also, the length of the dress needs to be considered. If you have a long dress, flat shoes may be a better option, as heels will lift the dress up, making it appear shorter.


The venue of the wedding and the reception plays a significant role in the choice of wedding shoes. For outdoor weddings, flats or wedges would be ideal as they provide better stability on uneven surfaces. For indoor weddings, heels can be a great option, but brides should consider the type of flooring. If the flooring is slippery or uneven, it’s best to opt for more stable heels.


The season also affects the choice of wedding shoes. Open-toed shoes, sandals, or peep-toe pumps would be great for summer weddings. For winter weddings, closed-toe shoes, boots, or booties would be more suitable. Additionally, brides should consider the fabric of the shoes. Leather shoes are ideal for summer, while suede or velvet shoes are great for winter.


Finally, ladies, the color of the shoes should complement the wedding dress and theme. Classic white or ivory shoes are great for traditional weddings, while metallic or glittery shoes can add a touch of glamour to modern weddings. Brides should also consider the color of their bridesmaid’s dresses when choosing shoes; the shoes don’t have to match the bridesmaid’s dresses exactly, but they should complement them well.

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